Church History and the community   

If you decide to join us for worship on any particular Sunday you will discover about 100 people of all ages and backgrounds who mostly live in the Robles Junction/Three Points community west of Tucson.  The place we worship is one of the greatest gifts we have – a rammed-earth building used by us and others in the community.  Built in the Santa Fe style in 1988, we are glad to offer a place of peace and rest for the weary, a place of hope and encouragement for those who are broken or sad, and a place of growth for those who want to follow Jesus.

We have a nickname as a church—“Robles Rest Stop.”  Many of you may know that Three Points also has the name, Robles Junction.  This place we call home historically was a rest stop in the desert which started as a place to get water on the mail route from Tucson to Gunsight, AZ.  Ranches and ranchers brought more cattle and folks out here over the decades until we eventually became a community of around 5,581 folks (according to the 2010 census).  Many folks move out to Three Points to get away from the city… to just get away! Finding it fits them, their family, and their place in life. Many move out here searching for something else and just don’t find it.  We know our community has many committed folks who have lived here for a long time! Many others move in and out of the community rather quickly. Wherever you are though we know that God has a plan and purpose for your life and we want to welcome you to be a part of our community of faith… however long you may be here, whether it is a few months or twenty years, we are blessed to have you!