Church Vision Council

With the great and diverse spiritual and human needs in our community, we need a body of believers who are set apart to seek God together for wisdom and help keep our church moving towards Jesus. Our Church Vision Council is made up of our church staff and members from the congregation who have stepped into this leadership role. Part of our purpose as a church is to minister to our community and our church family in five main areas—think of the acrostic ACTSS to remember! Adoration, Care Givers, Tell the Good News, Spiritual Tutors, and Submissive Servants.

Other organizations have boards who help their executive leadership with the strategic direction and decisions for the organization. CVC is kind of like that, but add in prayer, worship, and walking with each other as God’s people. Each member has been approved by vote from the congregation to represent them in leadership for the church body. This is a great responsibility! We give thanks for each one who has taken on this level of responsibility.

When do we meet? We generally meet monthly on a Saturday morning for worship, prayer, and meeting. Anyone in the church family is welcome to come and listen as we seek the Lord and plan for the future. So, don’t hesitate to join us! Meetings are announced during Sunday morning worship. Visit us sometime and pray for us.

Our current CVC members are:

Barb P, Bill P, Carol K, Ken K, Jennifer K, Lana P, Lucy U, Scott K. Tanya P.