Are we still having church? (During COVID-19)

We are open for Sunday worship at 8 am in our prayer garden behind the main building. Please bring a lawn chair if you have one, a hat, water/coffee, and snacks for yourself and your family. We are requesting that everyone wears a mask due to COVID-19. There is no children's church or nursery. We shall continue meeting online on Facebook.com/SerenityBaptistAZ - See you Sunday!

Also, small groups, prayer groups, meetings, and counseling are all continuing as best as we can through Zoom.us and phone calls. Stay involved as best as you can. We will get through this together!

How can I become a member?

Talk to our pastor about becoming a member! Patzi will help you make an appointment. In that time, you will get to hear more about the church’s vision, history, and doctrine. You will also learn about how the church functions and works, who the leaders are, and how to get connected when you or someone you know has a need. We look forward to getting to know you! Welcome to the church family!

How can I meet with Zach? 

Easy! Give Patzi a call or email and she will gladly set a time for you to meet with him.

Phone - 520-822-2026 or Email - Patzi@SerenityBaptist.Church

What does Serenity Baptist Church believe?

We are followers of Jesus who confessionally and theologically align ourselves with the Scripture and God’s Spirit in faith. As a Southern Baptist Church we believe the Baptist Faith and Message is a great statement of faith. It represents our faith and perspective on the Scriptures and the foundation for how we view God and His work together. http://www.sbc.net/bfm2000/bfm2000.asp

I’m engaged! Can we have our wedding at the church? 

Congratulations! Please give our church office a call and our pastor would be glad to meet with you. He will share our marriage policy and premarital counseling topics. We believe God ordained marriage to be a blessing to husband and wife, family and world. We want each couple to not only have a great wedding but a great marriage. May God bless you as you seek Him in this exciting moment in your life!

*** Until further notice, we will not be performing weddings with more than 9 people present due to COVID-19.***

Does the church do local or short-term missions trips? 

In recent years we have partnered with the Mobile Baptist Builders to help build churches across the USA. Mobile Baptist Builders helped build our church house in 1988, and many folks in our congregation have been greatly blessed to be sent out to help build other churches and give back!

Each Thursday we have a food ministry where we are able to give food to about 100 people and also share the good news! Our “green shirts”--Food ministry team—serves each Thursday and helps each one get the food they need. So, if you would like to help out, or if it would help to get a little extra food to make ends meet, please stop by at 11:30 am on Thursdays.

How do people dress? 

Comes as you are! We dress casually, real, and down-to-earth… like folks from Three Points! We aren’t too worried about impressing anyone. We just want to follow Jesus together.

What Bible translation does Pastor Zach preach from? 

Generally, I preach from the ESV, English Standard Version. As English speakers and readers we are blessed to have so many great options from a rich tradition of Scripture translation. Folks in our congregation love different translations ranging from the KJV to the NLT to The Message. If you are looking for a translation that will help you best connect with God and understand His Word, just ask!

Can the church building be rented for weddings or other events? 

Yes. We want our building to not only be a blessing to our church family but also to the community. Please contact Patzi in our church office to get a copy of our building use agreement. She will happily assist you with any questions.

***Due to COVID-19, the church building will not be available for use until the virus passes and the CDC allows for mass gatherings.***